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coomnSquirrels and Raccoons

Squirrels and Raccoons may seek shelter, entering your home through an open hole(s) or creating their own entrance to warmth. Once they feel comfortable inside, Squirrels and Raccoons may choose to stay even when the weather turns warm again.

We will inspect the entire premise thoroughly to find all squirrel openings. We will use repellent, bait and trapping methods to flush the squirrels / raccoons out of the occupied areas. Setting traps is also a part of the control procedure and will depend on the recommendations of your professional pest control operator. Upon elimination of the pests, our technician will patch and close all accessible openings they’ve created up to 12″ in diameter and 18″ in length. (Ladder work up to 30 ft high only.) We will also take necessary action to eliminate any additional pest the squirrels/raccoons may have been carrying on them. This will further protect you, your family and your home.

Bird Control

Bird control is achieved through a variety of methods. Letting a bird problem go on too long could cause damage to your surroundings. Many bird infestations develop on signs, homes or rooftops and once established, may take repellents and ultimately trapping to resolve conflicts.

Some common bird problems include:

  • Birds roosting on a ledge of some sort
  • Pecking or nesting on the side of a house
  • Different types of Birds conflicting other types
  • Birds destroying plants, grass or other gardening
  • Flocking or congregating to electric wires, ledges or trees

We can help control your bird problem and eliminate potential damage to your home.

*Bird control pricing is subject to inspection

We us all types of bird control methods:
– Netting
– Trapping
– Electric Wiring
– Repellants
– Fake Owls

We will tailor a specific program to eliminate and control your current bird problem.

Our Pest Control Operator will inspect & analyze the problem areas and recommend a treatment option that is best for you.


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